How to fix Snapchat showing message sent when I didn’t glitch

Snapchat is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but it can also be pretty embarrassing if a user messages the wrong person. That’s something to avoid at all costs, except, Snapchat has a bug that can show messages as sent to people they weren’t. Yikes! So, what’s the deal with the Snapchat showing message sent to the wrong person bug? Here’s the latest for iPhone and Android owners that swear they didn’t send a Snap to that person.

Snapchat | Why does it show Snaps sent when I didn’t? (2021)

Snapchat showing message sent when I didn't

It’d be easy to dismiss the Snapchat sending error as a convenient excuse, rather than a bug. Numerous different reports all state the same thing, however; despite not having sent someone a message, the app shows that the contact in question has received and read a new message. The problem has been the cause of worry amongst the Snapchat community, largely depending on the recipient. It’s easy to see how accidentally messaging something random to a crush or ex-partner might not end well, after all.

Snapchat has an opened message display bug that misleadingly changes the time shown. Fortunately, this is the cause of all the confusion. Although it looks like the contact has received a new Snap (despite the sending never dispatching one), it’s just a display glitch. In reality, the “recipient” has not received anything and everyone is safe from embarrassment. Hopefully, a Snapchat app update will address the issue soon and prevent any more worry.

On-screen errors are pretty common with Snapchat, unfortunately. Most notoriously, Snap scores can freeze, fail to update, and appear to reset. In every case, the points total is still intact and simply displaying incorrectly. Users do need to follow a few easy steps to get things back to normal, though, as covered at the relevant links.

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