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The Medium Clock Puzzle | How to open the secret room

Trying to find The Medium clock puzzle solution is likely the first place players will get stuck. So far, things have been pretty easy going, but unlocking Thomas’s secret room takes close examination. Fortunately, the solution to the clock puzzle is quite simple, but it’s easy to overlook.

How to solve the clock puzzle in The Medium

The Medium Clock Tower Puzzle 1

When players arrive at Thomas’s office in The Medium, they’ll find it in disarray. The desk has been smashed, and Thomas himself is nowhere to be found. It may seem like Marianne has reached a dead-end at first, but this room is hiding a secret.

The first order of business in Thomas’s office is to examine the desk. There’s a few items of interest here, but the essential ones are the Flashlight and Small Key. Once the player has collected everything, they can head over to the clock.

The clock puzzle in The Medium looks more complicated than it actually is. Once players interact with the clock, they’ll find that they can spin the clockface. This will also open up a split view of the spirit world. Turning back time on the clock affects the spirit world, and spinning it to the earliest point will allow players to view events in chronological order.

Spin the clock forward and stop each time Thomas’s ethereal form appears. When it does, players can interact with it to hear a bit of story. There are five times when the players can do this:

  • 4:00
  • 4:50
  • 7:15
  • 8:45
  • 9:30

After you’ve viewed each of these events, players will need to enter the secret room. To do so:

  • Wind back time to 4:00.
  • Move to the desk and absorb the spirit energy.
  • Set the clock to either 5:00 or 6:55.

Players will now notice that the secret door is open. However, because that’s only the case in the spirit world. In the real world, the secret room is still inaccessible. That means players will have to use the out-of-body experience ability to separate Marianne’s spiritual and physical forms. Once out-of-body, spirit Marianne can walk through the door into the secret room.

Inside the secret room in the spirit realm, there’s a fuse box on the wall. By now, players will know they can unleash spirit energy to power these boxes.

The Medium Clock Tower Puzzle 2

Once the fuse box is powered, players should return to Marianne’s physical body and walk over to the cabinet concealing the secret door. This is the most confusing part of the puzzle because there’s no obvious way to open the hidden door, even with the power turned on.

However, if players hold the Insight ability button, they’ll notice a switch. This switch can only be hit when using Insight, so make sure to keep the button held down. Once it’s pressed, the secret room will open, and Marianne can continue her journey.