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Is there a The Medium Xbox One release date?

The Medium recently landed on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Series X|S. With a majority of people still using Xbox One hardware, however, many users are wondering when it’s their turn to play. So, when is The Medium‘s Xbox One release date? Here’s the need-to-know for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and regular XGP subscribers.

The Medium Xbox One | Is it coming to Game Pass for the console?

The Medium Xbox One

The Medium is Polish developer Bloober Team’s most ambitious project yet. It feels like a classic mix of Indigo Prophecy and Silent Hill, with a completely new twist in the form of simultaneous dual-reality gameplay. That coupled with heavy promotion from Microsoft has a lot of Game Pass subscribers on Xbox One excited to play. Problem is, they aren’t currently able to.

The Medium Xbox release date of January 28 2021 applied only to the Series X|S version of the game. There are no plans to launch The Medium on Xbox One.

Unfortunately, dual-reality gameplay makes The Medium on Xbox One an impossibility. Xbox Series X|S and high-end PCs can run the game thanks to their superior horsepower and integrated SSD storage for fast loading. Environments are rich with detail and, at several points throughout the game, the setting seamlessly changes on the fly. Achieving this effect on the mechanical HDD within an Xbox One simply wouldn’t be possible.

It is possible, however, that an altered version of the game could be released. That said, it seems unlikely that Bloober Team would compromise its vision with a knowingly inferior version of the game. Although seeing adverts on the Xbox One home screen can be frustrating, especially for active Game Pass subs, right now the only way to play The Medium is on PC or by upgrading to an Xbox Series X|S device.

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