How to remove disco silhouette filter on TikTok

The latest popular TikTok trend is the Silhouette Challenge. Users are flocking to participate, while others are wondering if it’s possible to delete the red filter effect on posted videos. So, can you remove the disco silhouette filter on TikTok? Here’s the lowdown for iOS and Android users.

TikTok | How do you remove the red disco silhouette filter?

remove disco silhouette filter on TikTok red

New trends are always emerging on video-sharing social media app TikTok. Most recently, users are taking part in a challenge to post videos of themselves dancing with the red filter as a disco silhouette. Participants appear only as a blacked-out figure, which has some TikTokers curious to see what’s going on underneath the filter effect.

It is possible, using editing techniques in third-party programs, to partially remove the red disco silhouette filter from TikTok videos. This only provides a vague look at the unfiltered video, however, as it is not possible to remove the Silhouette Challenge effect completely.

Rumors suggest that there is a way to remove the disco silhouette filter on TikTok altogether, but that isn’t true. After participating in the #SilhouetteChallenge, some TikTokers have been concerned that their content may be misused. Fortunately, it isn’t possible to remove the red silhouette filter entirely and see every detail of the image underneath.

Still, as a safety precaution, users shouldn’t record a Silhouette Challenge video without being fully clothed. It’s the best way to ensure privacy, though users posting in their birthday suit also violate TikTok’s rules. Nothing should be visible with the red disco silhouette filter on (in theory), but the community guidelines do still apply. Additionally, there is no adult version of the app that allows that kind of activity.

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