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How to fix Destruction AllStars lag and stutter

Destruction AllStars lag and stutter is affecting players’ games, with many finding that their collisions with opponents aren’t registering and that other all-stars are able to avoid being wrecked as a result. So is there a way to fix the lagging and stuttering issues?

Destruction AllStars lag and stutter fix

destruction allstars lagging and stuttering

If Destruction AllStars is lagging or stuttering for you, this is as a result of the game experiencing an increase in interest on its launch day. Given that it has been released as one of the free PS Plus games for subscribers to the service, there has likely been a considerable number of people downloading it in order to try it out.

While the game’s servers have been able to withstand this number of players, there are a few issues in-game, most notably player lag. This leads to some players warping across the map, or knockouts and wreckages not being confirmed when you crash into a player or car.

So is there a way to fix the lag and stutter in Destruction AllStars? As these issues are server-side, this means that players will need to wait for improvements made to online connectivity. However, players can also ensure that their own internet connection is optimal and that they aren’t adding to the connectivity issues that they are experiencing.

Follow these steps to make sure your internet connection isn’t struggling:

  1. Run an interest speed test
  2. Power off your modem and wait 60 seconds
  3. Turn it back on and restart Destruction AllStars

If your internet connection is stable and the problem persists, then it is likely still an issue with Destruction AllStars‘ servers. While it’s still perfectly playable in its current state, hopefully its servers will become more stable and these lag issues will become ironed out after these launch day teething issues.

Aside from Destruction AllStars‘ lagging and stuttering problems, the game has also been criticized for its voice chat, while players have also been debating the fastest character in the game.