Box art - Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars | Who is the fastest character?

PS5 game Destruction AllStars features 16 weird and wacky characters, though only one can be the quickest. For every speed demon looking to learn which of the all-star cast has the highest movement speed, here’s the fastest character in Destruction AllStars on PlayStation 5.

Who is the quickest racer in Destruction AllStars?

Although Destruction AllStars is (as the name suggests) a destruction derby game, rather than a conventional racer, speed is still important. Quickness is a must when it comes to evading opponents’ attacks and dealing huge damage. So, with high vehicle acceleration being vital to both a good offense and a good defense selecting the most rapid AllStar seems like a no-brainer.

Destruction AllStars‘ fastest character is Genesis and her unique vehicle, Callisto. She has high mobility as standard, which increases to the maximum possible movement speed when her Breakers are active.

The car-based special move, Callisto Breaker, grants Genesis “super-speed” that allows her to drive faster than any other character. Additionally, activating her on foot Breaker causes Genesis to reach “maximum running speed” and outpace all opposition in the arena. Anyone looking to play Destruction AllStars at the fastest pace should definitely choose Genesis as their character. Whether playing in a car or with her feet on the ground, Genesis is easily the fastest racer in the game.

Of course, it is worth trying out some other AllStars as well. Check out this complete list of characters, vehicles, and abilities to see the variety on offer. Although going fast allows Genesis to deliver some devastating smashes, playing as the likes of Blue Fang and deploying an industrial saw can be even more damaging.

Destruction AllStars is currently free to all PlayStation Plus (PS+) subscribers on PS5. That makes the game pretty accessible as standard, but what about the in-game multiplayer options? Is there an offline co-op mode? Are solo matches playable with party friends? Click the relevant links for answers.