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Destruction AllStars | All character Breakers and car abilities

Destruction AllStars boasts an all-star cast of racers and vehicles, each with a unique set of skills and abilities. In order to figure out which racer to play, it’s important to first know all character Breakers and car abilities in the game. With that in mind, here’s a complete list of unique character vehicles, on foot, and in-car ultimates in Destruction AllStars on PS5.

Every character, vehicle, and Breaker in Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars all character Breakers and car abilities

Each of the 16 characters, referred to as “Stars” in-game, has a bespoke look and gameplay feel in Destruction AllStars. Although it’s tempting to pick one character over another based on aesthetics, their abilities (Breakers) are what really counts.

Destruction AllStars | All character Breakers and car abilities list

  • Ultimo Barricado
    • Car — The Undisputed
    • Vehicle Breaker — Fortify the front of the vehicle with a big shield, blocking all incoming damage and increasing damage output.
    • Character Breaker — When on foot, Ultimo’s Breaker makes him immune to knockouts.
  • Genesis
    • Car — Callisto
    • Vehicle Breaker — Achieve super-speed (faster than any other vehicle) and deal heavy damage to anything hit.
    • Character Breaker — Reach maximum running speed to gather collectibles, barge into opponents, and evade damage.
  • Lupita
    • Car — Wildfire
    • Vehicle Breaker — Deploy a destructive trail of fire that sets vehicles ablaze and instantly knocks out on foot opponents.
    • Character Breaker — Unleash a trail of fire that ignites any character passing through it.
  • Shyft
    • Car — Cypher
    • Vehicle Breaker — Become nearly invisible, causing Shyft to disappear from opponents’ radars.
    • Character Breaker — Cloak to become nearly undetectable to the naked eye, though completely invisible to enemy radar.
  • Blue Fang
    • Car — Shredder
    • Vehicle Breaker — Activate an industrial saw at the front of the vehicle that destroys anything it touches.
    • Character Breaker — Any opponent that touches Blue Fang when his breaker is active will be knocked down.
  • Boxtop
    • Car — Boxmobile
    • Vehicle Breaker — When active, slam into an opposing vehicle to attach a damaging Boxtop drone.
    • Character Breaker — Deploy parcels that help teammates, but knock opponents down.
  • Fuego
    • Car — Cerberus
    • Vehicle Breaker — Activate several flamethrowers that burn opponents that come into contact.
    • Character Breaker — Boost Fuego’s barges so that they leave devastating pools of fire on the ground.
  • Hana
    • Car — Sabre
    • Vehicle Breaker — Activate a blade that slices through anything in its way, cutting vehicles in two.
    • Character Breaker — Increase Hana’s strength so that her barges are instantly lethal to enemies.
  • Ratu
    • Car — Barong
    • Vehicle Breaker — After charging the Breaker by damaging opponents, activate it to unleash a devastating radial blast.
    • Character Breaker — Deliver a powerful concussion blast, barging and knocking down anyone caught in it.
  • Angelo Avello
    • Car — Number One
    • Vehicle Breaker — Lock onto an enemy, then chase them down with increased speed and damage.
    • Character Breaker — Emit flashes that impair opponents’ vision; the cooler Angelo’s moves when active, the longer the effect will last.
  • Twinkle Riot (Tw!nkleR10t)
    • Car — Mr. Sparkles
    • Vehicle Breaker — Deploy bumpers that apply a force pulse proportional to the impact.
    • Character Breaker — Remove the cooldown on the barge ability for a short time.
  • Jian
    • Car — Morningstar
    • Vehicle Breaker — Deploy spikes all over the vehicle, like a hedgehog, for increased defense and offense.
    • Character Breaker — Lay down proximity mines that damage enemy vehicles, plus knock on foot opposition down.
  • Harmony
    • Car — Crashendo
    • Vehicle Breaker — Unleash supersonic speakers to blast out shockwave damage.
    • Character Breaker — Harmony’s barges unleash supersonic waves that can hit from a distance.
  • Xander
    • Car — Xero
    • Vehicle Breaker — Mark a prime target; Xander deals more damage to them, though also gains rewards if his teammates take them out.
    • Character Breaker — Drop a trail of deadly hazards, plus see players and objectives through walls.
  • Muna
    • Car — Gravitron
    • Vehicle Breaker — Activate a magnetic field to gather scrap metal, creating an impenetrable shield.
    • Character Breaker — Generate a particle field to attract nearby collectibles and activate traps.
  • Sgt. Rescue
    • Car — Smoke Commander
    • Vehicle Breaker — Hitting opposing vehicles covers them in smoke, making it hard for them to see.
    • Character Breaker — Release plumes of smoke, impairing opponents’ vision.

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