Box art - Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars | How to emote and vehicle emote

Destruction AllStars is out now on PS5, at no extra cost for active PlayStation Plus subscribers. The game’s all-star cast of characters exude personality, though, through the use of emotes, they become even more expressive. So, here’s how to emote and vehicle emote in Destruction AllStars on PlayStation 5.

How do you emote in Destruction AllStars?

how to emote and vehicle emote

Characters, otherwise known as “Stars” in-game, are at the core of Destruction AllStars. If the name wasn’t enough of a hint, it quickly becomes clear that each persona has a distinct visual and gameplay style. With players naturally drawn to the character that represents themselves best, using emotes is a great way to further express oneself in online multiplayer matches. That said, it isn’t immediately clear how to do emotes in Destruction AllStars, which is where this handy guide comes in!

Destruction AllStars | How to emote on foot and in a vehicle

  1. Press up on the d-pad to perform the default character emote when on foot or in a car.
  2. To unlock and equip new emotes, select “Customize” from the main menu.
  3. Select the desired character, then navigate to the “Emotes” tab.
  4. Purchase the desired emote using premium and/or in-game currency.
  5. Assign the emote to a direction on the d-pad.

Users can equip up to four emotes for each character at any given time in Destruction AllStars. The destruction derby game is all about style and flair, so utilizing the best emotes with the right timing is a must. After pulling off some slick moves, there’s no better way to punctuate the stylish action than with an unlockable character emote.

Destruction AllStars is an attention-grabbing game, which has players across all platforms wondering if it’ll come to their chosen system. As such, here’s the latest on potential PC, PS4, and Xbox versions.

For anyone yet to grab the game on PS5, don’t delay for too long, as Destruction AllStars is only free for two months.