Box art - Destruction AllStars

Is Destruction AllStars coming to Xbox?

Is Destruction AllStars coming to Xbox? The zany destruction derby game is an upcoming PS5 launch title, but will it also come to the Xbox platform? Find out if there any known plans to launch Destruction AllStars Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S versions in this guide.

Is Destruction AllStars coming to Xbox One?

Although gamers don’t fully know what Destruction AllStars entails, with only the bonkers announce trailer to go on so far, an air of excitement has been simmering away. As well as wondering what exact form gameplay will take, Xbox players have also been left questioning if they can experience Destruction AllStars on Xbox One.

Destruction AllStars is not coming to Xbox One. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that a Destruction AllStars Xbox One release date will ever be announced. The game is being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

While PlayStation manufacturer Sony releasing a game on Xbox is already improbable, Destruction AllStars is also a next-gen game. Considering that there’s not even a PS4 version planned, that’s another knock against a potential Xbox One port.

Is Destruction AllStars coming to Xbox Series X?

Destruction AllStars is not coming to Xbox Series X. By extension, there’s also no Destruction AllStars Xbox Series S version coming out.

Although the Series X is a next-generation console, like the PS5, Sony most likely will not share an exclusive title with its biggest competitor. As a result, a Destruction AllStars Xbox Series X release date announcement will probably never happen.

While the Xbox Series X and PS5 have exclusive games and services separating them, which one is better in terms of design? The so-called “console war” is heating up as the new machines’ November launch dates approach; Xbox openly mocked PlayStation on Twitter over its recent teardown video, for example.