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Destruction AllStars Tier List | What is the best character and car?

Destruction AllStars has a cast of 16 drivers to choose from. While they’re all-stars, some of them are definitely better than others. This will likely change over time as the developers tweak and balance the game (and fix some bugs), but for now, the Destruction AllStars tier list has some definite powerhouses at the top.

Destruction AllStars Tier List:

Destruction AllStars S Tier – Best Characters


Destruction AllStars Tier List Bluefang

Vehicle: Shredder

Bluefang is the best character in the game right now for beginners due to Shredder’s Breaker. Players just have to drive toward an opponent and tap L1. Even a glancing blow does a ton of damage, and a direct hit will cause an instant annihilation. Astute players will pair the Breaker with the boost to take out swaths of cars at once.

Destruction AllStars A Tier – Great Characters


Destruction AllStars Tier List Jian

Vehicle: Morningstar

Morningstar’s Breaker causes spikes to extend from the vehicle. This adds power to Jian’s attacks, and anyone who attacks them will take damage. Their personal Breaker is also useful as it deploys proximity mines, which can damage vehicles or knockdown those on foot.


Destruction AllStars Tier List Lupita

Vehicle: Wildfire

Lupita’s Breakers both leave a trail of damaging fire behind her. The thing that makes this incredibly useful is that the flames Wildfire’s Breaker leaves behind KOs on-foot players instantly. A great tactic is to use the e-brake to carve a circle around a group of on-foot players and take them all out at once.

Destruction AllStars B Tier – Good Characters

Ultimo Barricade

Destruction AllStars Tier List Ultimo

Vehicle: The Undisputed

Ultimo Barricado plays by the maxim, “the best offense is a good defense.” As such, his Breakers don’t deal direct damage, but help him to outlast the competition. His personal Breaker makes him immune to damage on-foot, which can be a lifesaver in those precious moments it takes to get to a vehicle. The Undisputed’s Breaker shields the vehicle from the front from all damage and makes frontal hits more powerful. The shield even blocks damage from other player’s Breaker attacks, which allows Ultimo to turn the tables instantly.


Destruction AllStars Tier List Fuego

Vehicle: Cerebrus

Fuego is another character that can cause burning damage, though his abilities are more defensive in nature. His personal Breaker leaves fire in his wake when he barges into a target, which is useful in taking out other on-foot foes. Cerebrus’s Breaker surrounds the vehicle in a flame shield, which boosts attack power and causes damage to anyone who comes near.

Destruction AllStars C Tier – Average Characters


Destruction AllStars Tier List Harmony

Vehicle: The CRASHendo

Harmony’s Breakers blast out supersonic waves. However, these short-range attacks don’t cause devastating amounts of damage, and it’s hard to aim them properly.


Destruction AllStars Tier List Hana

Vehicle: Sabre

The Sabre’s Breaker works similarly to Bluefang’s, but is harder to target. The blade will instantly annihilate an enemy, but only if the player can slam them hard enough. Her personal Breaker is useful in that it can KO in one-hit if her barges land on an enemy. However, it doesn’t increase her speed significantly enough to help with chasing down opponents.

Destruction AllStars D Tier – Mediocre Characters


Destruction AllStars Tier List Boxtop

Vehicle: The Boxmobile

Boxtop can be a decent character in team events. His personal Breaker deploys boxes that help teammates and knock down opponents. However, half of that is negated in solo events, which makes his Breaker weak in comparison. The Boxmobile’s Breaker is also lackluster because the firework drones don’t cause a ton of damage.


Destruction AllStars Tier List Muna

Vehicle: Gravitron

Muna’s gravitational Breakers aren’t very impressive. Her vehicle can attract a field of scrap metal to create a shield, but it doesn’t seem to cause a lot of added damage, if any.


Destruction AllStars Tier List Ratu

Vehicle: Barong

Ratu’s personal concussion blast Breaker is decent, but again, pales in comparison to some of those available with higher tier characters. Barong’s Breaker is good, but it requires the extra step of causing damage to charge it. The blast it lets out is potent, but the requirement of charging it makes it less useful than it could be.


Destruction AllStars Tier List Xander

Vehicle: Xero

Xander can drop mines and see-through walls with his personal breaker, which is useful for slowing down enemies. Unfortunately, the mines don’t do much damage to vehicles, though they do knock down those on-foot. Xero’s Breaker helps boost damage on a random target, but doesn’t increase the vehicle’s speed. This means in a worst-case scenario, a target can be across the level, get blown up before players get there, and then the game can choose another target all the way across the arena, which ends up wasting the Breaker.

Destruction AllStars F Tier – Bad Characters


Destruction AllStars Tier List Angelo

Vehicle: Number One

I haven’t seen Angelo’s personal Breaker actually do anything of worth yet. His vehicle’s Breaker works much like Xeno’s with the random choosing of a rival. However, it does less damage and suffers from the same weakness.


Destruction AllStars Tier List Genesis

Vehicle: Callisto

Genesis is quick, but that’s about it. By triggering her Breakers, she can go faster than any other character in the game. However, that’s her only gimmick. Her speed would be useful, but many other characters get a speed boost with their breaker in addition to special attacks.

SGT. Rescue

Destruction AllStars Tier List SGT Rescue

Vehicle: Smoke Commander

Those that like abilities that do nothing to help them directly will love SGT. Rescue. Both his personal and vehicular Breakers just obscure the opponent’s view with smoke. While other characters have attacks that cause instant deaths, the SGT. just blurs their vision for a few seconds.


Destruction AllStars Tier List Shyft

Vehicle: Cypher

Shyft’s persona breaker is a bit useful. Cloaking while on-foot helps prevent keep a low profile while players attempt to enter another vehicle. However, Cypher’s cloak isn’t useful at all. Sure it takes the car off the radar, but it doesn’t actually even render the car invisible. Instead, the vehicle leaves a bit of a shimmer in the air that still allows players paying any attention to see it.


Destruction AllStars Tier List TW!NKLER10T

Vehicle: Mr. Sparkles

TW!NKLER10T’s Breakers are useless. I’m not even sure what they do. Players should choose any other character to play as if they want to win.