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Destruction AllStars | Can you play offline co-op splitscreen?

Destruction AllStars is out now, offering some high-octane multiplayer action with an all-star cast. For some, couch co-op is still the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming experiences. Sharing the same TV and physically being with one another can enhance the experience in the games that support it. With a new PlayStation Plus game out now, many new players will no doubt be asking themselves: “Can you play Destruction AllStars in offline co-op splitscreen?” Here’s the answer.

Can you play Destruction AllStars in offline co-op splitscreen?

Can you play Destruction AllStars in offline co-op splitscreen

No, Destruction AllStars can’t be played in offline co-op splitscreen. It is online multiplayer only.

At the time of writing, this new PS5 game only supports online play. Though players can’t team up with people physically sat beside them, they can join a “party” and matchmake in various game modes.

Though it’s not quite the same as calling out players to your buddy who’s in the same room, joining a party and using it to communicate tactics can provide a big advantage in games like this.

Of course, these days games can be updated post-launch to include a host of new features. If it’s requested enough, and if it’s possible and worth the time for the developers at Lucid Games to implement it, Destruction AllStars could one day get an offline co-op splitscreen mode. For now, it’s online matchmaking only, but this post will be kept up-to-date if anything changes.

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