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Is Destruction AllStars coming to PS4?

Destruction AllStars launched today for free on PS5 for PS Plus subscribers. Given that the PS5 is still facing stock shortages, PS4 players are eager to know whether the all-stars of Destruction will be zooming onto that console anytime soon. Given that both Sony and Microsoft have continued releasing games on last-gen platforms, it would make sense if Destruction AllStars was a limited PS5 exclusive.

Will Destruction AllStars get a PS4 release date?

Destruction AllStars Cast

Given the dearth of titles for the PS5, it’s a good thing that Destruction AllStars was build from the ground up with that console in mind. As such, it features fast loading times, great graphics, and makes excellent use of the DualSense’s adaptive triggers. That being said, it looks like PS4 players will have to look for their vehicular combat fix elsewhere.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has continued the console generation paradigm in earnest. That means that many games coming out for PS5 are exclusives. Destruction AllStars is a PS5-only title, and no announcement has been made that a PS4 version will release.

Although Destruction AllStars has been marketed as a PS5-only game from the beginning, its price model did change. It was initially revealed as a PS5 launch title, but in October 2020, it was delayed until February 2, 2021. Additionally, the game was supposed to retail for $69.99, but when it was delayed, Sony announced it would be available to PS Plus subscribers for the first two months after its release.

Since Sony didn’t send out review copies of Destruction AllStars, we haven’t gotten a chance to spend much time with it. The few matches we’ve experienced have shown it to be a competent entry in the sparse vehicular combat genre (though it’s had some technical issues). However, we have noticed that the microtransactions are on the steep side, though they’re only cosmetic in nature.