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Does Concrete Genie require PSVR?

Concrete Genie is one of the latest games to land as a PlayStation Plus freebie. Even better, it’s also a game that includes PSVR support. However, not everyone owns a PlayStation VR headset. Does this mean they’ll miss out on this vibrant Pixelopus release? Does Concrete Genie require VR?

Can you play Concrete Genie without VR?

Can you play Concrete Genie without VR headset?

PlayStation VR is not required in order to play Concrete Genie. The game’s story mode is entirely playable without using PSVR. However, Concrete Genie does have a few extra gameplay modes that can only be enjoyed by those who own a VR headset.

Despite being billed as a PSVR game, most of Concrete Genie takes place using traditional 2D visuals coupled with motion controls. The VR gameplay is mainly centered around the VR Free Paint and Experience modes, which are separate from the main campaign. The Experience mode is a short-but-sweet story clocking in around an hour total. Completing it will unlock the Free Paint mode, which is a much more open-ended endeavor.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t at least try these gameplay modes, of course. Much of the game’s action centers around a magical paintbrush used to solve puzzles and progress the story. However, this basic foundation sets the stage for what can be possible when diving straight into the world yourself. In order to get a taste of that potential, you’ll want to start painting in VR.

Still, Concrete Genie does not technically require a PSVR headset. This is good news for players picking it up as a PlayStation Plus freebie for February 2021. Don’t let the VR requirement fool you: It’s still possible to enjoy most of what the game has to offer with a standard two-dimensional display. To learn more about what this Pixelopus release is all about, be sure to check out our Concrete Genie review.