Can you play Roblox on Nintendo Switch?

Roblox is a fun and accessible game for players of all ages. If there’s one platform that a game of its nature belongs on, it’s arguably the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. But, for some reason, people can’t find the game available to download on the eShop. What gives? Here’s the need-to-known about playing Roblox on Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Is Roblox on Nintendo Switch?

Roblox on Nintendo Switch

As previously mentioned, Roblox would be a great fit for the family-friendly Nintendo Switch platforms. The portability would complement its pickup and play nature perfectly, allowing users to more easily share their creativity with family and friends. Although it’s great to see Roblox on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, potentially, the Nintendo Switch family of consoles would be a better fit. With all that in mind, can you play Roblox on the original Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite?

Users can play Roblox portably on mobile devices and laptops. It’s possible that Roblox Corporation will bring the game to Nintendo Switch in the future. For now, however, there is no Roblox Nintendo Switch version for the original console or Lite handheld.

Roblox stock will publically launch soon, which means that developer Roblox Corporation is likely to see an influx of new income. When this happens, it’s possible that the company could greenlight a Roblox Nintendo Switch port. Considering that there will be investors to keep happy, there aren’t many better ways to do so than by announcing a Roblox Nintendo Switch release date. A Roblox Nintendo eShop launch would be great for all parties, after all.

Until then, be sure to stay safe and avoid temptation from Roblox follow bots. Additionally, take care when deciding which players to “mic up” with. Although most Roblox users are kind, some are trolls that like to spread false rumors and trick people.