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Valheim | How to save progress

Knowing how to save in Valheim is key to progressing within the survival game. Not being able to save would mean leaving the PC on forever without ever being able to quit the game. Thankfully, the devs over at Iron Gate AB have made saving progress super simple. Here’s how to do it.

How to save in Valheim

How to save in Valheim

To save in Valheim, players must:

  • Press the “Esc” key.
  • Select “Quit.”
  • Select “Yes.”

This will save progress and the current location of the character. There’s no need to sleep in a bed or trigger a save point as it is all done automatically.

Saving like this is good because it doesn’t force the player to backtrack towards a save point, as it saves the exact location the character is in. However, it also means players can’t abuse save files to trial and error areas. The risk is very real when encountering new dangers, which of course heightens the sense of reward.

As a Steam Early Access title, it’s possible that the Valheim save system may undergo changes in future updates. This guide will be updated to reflect any adjustments the developer makes. For now, players don’t have to worry about saving: simply just quit the game!

While it might seem “wrong” to be quitting the game without saving, GameRevolution can confirm that it works this way after we risked our first character by quitting after an hour’s worth of gameplay!

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