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Valheim Gold Coins | Where is the trader located?

Players will find Gold Coins early on in Valheim, but there’s no apparent use for them. Unlike most materials, picking up these coins don’t unlock any recipes, and they can’t be used for crafting. So, logic dictates there must be a trader located somewhere that players can buy items from.

What are Gold Coins used for in Valheim?

Valheim Gold Coins Trader Location

Finding a use for Gold Coins in Valheim can take a while. It’s worth gathering all of them possible, though. These coins can be spent at a trader for some very useful items. There are six items in Valheim that can only be obtained by purchasing them with Gold Coins, and they’re all expensive.

Where is the trader located in Valheim

Players can find a merchant in Valheim that sells some great items. Since the world is randomly generated, Haldor, the dwarf trader, doesn’t spawn in any one place. However, he can always be found in a particular biome.

To find the trader, players will have to explore the Black Forest. Luckily, this biome is right by the Meadow, where the game starts. However, the difficulty spikes when players enter the Black Forest, so those new to Valheim won’t want to make a beeline for the merchant immediately.

Some players might get luckier than others when it comes to finding the trader. Sometimes he’ll spawn close to the border separating the Meadow and the Black Forest. Other times, he’ll appear in the heart of the Black Forest. It’s all up to the luck of the draw.

What can I buy with Gold Coins in Valheim?

Valheim Gold coin Trader Inventory

Haldor sells six different items, all of which are useful (except for one):

  • Dverger Circlet – 620 Gold Coins: Surrounds the player with light.
  • Fishing Bait x50 – 10 Gold Coins: Used in conjunction with the Fishing Rod to catch fish.
  • Fishing Rod – 350 Gold Coins: Used with bait to hook fish.
  • Megingjord – 950 Gold Coins: Increases max carry weight by 150.
  • Ymir Flesh – 120 Gold Coins: Crafting ingredient.
  • Yule Hat – 100 Gold Coins: Look like Santa.