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Valheim How to Fish | Fishing Rod Location

Learning how to fish in Valheim isn’t hard. The tricky part is figuring out how to get the fishing rod and bait needed to do so. Unfortunately, crafting a fishing pole isn’t a possibility in Valheim. Instead, players will have to search for the location where they can purchase one.

How to get a Fishing Rod in Valheim

Valheim Fishing Rod Location


Most items in this game can be crafted once players find the right ingredients. However, this is one of the few pieces of equipment that must be discovered by other means. To get the Fishing Rod in Valheim, players will need to head into the Black Forest.

To find the location where the Fishing Rod can be found, players will need to make sure they’re properly equipped. Getting this item requires Vikings to scout the Black Forest thoroughly. There’s a significant difficulty spike between the Meadow and the Black Forest, so players should wait until they’ve built their first Smelter and Forge. This gives players access to Bronze-level equipment, which makes navigating the Black Forest much safer.

The Fishing Pole is sold by Haldor, a dwarf merchant who spawns in the Black Forest. It can take a while to find him, but players can trade Gold Coins for items once he’s located. The Fishing Rod can be purchased from Haldor for 350 Gold Coins, and Fishing Bait can be bought in packs of 50 for 10 Gold Coins

How to Fish in Valheim

Valheim How to Fish

Once players have a Fishing Rod, they can approach any body of water to cast their line. Fish can be seen from the shore, and players will need to aim their cast so the hook falls near them.

The fishing controls in Valheim are simple:

  • Left-Click casts the line. It can be held down to cast further.
  • Right-Click sets the hook and reels in the fishing line.

When a fish has taken an interest in a player’s bait, the bobber will start to bubble. When it dips, right-click quickly to set the hook and begin reeling the fish in. Players don’t need to worry about wearing the fish out or line strength. The only factor when reeling in a fish is stamina. If players run out of energy, the fish will slip the line. Eating food and having a high comfort level can help raise stamina levels for players who are having issues nabbing their catch.

What are Fish used for in Valheim?

As far as we’ve seen, fish don’t have any purpose beyond the obvious in Valheim. They can be cooked over a fire, just like raw meat, and eaten for a boost to HP and stamina. The advantage to eating fish over other foods is that they’re easy to find and give a much larger stat boost than the edibles the player can for in the wild.

It’s possible that in a future update, farming fish may become possible. In this case, creating a small pond and filling it with fish would make an easier to maintain food source than boar farming.