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Minecraft | How to make Terracotta

Establishing a home is one of the most basic goals in Minecraft. Not only does a strong building provide shelter and a place to stash your items, but it helps protect you against monsters and other mob creatures. Homes can be customized with certain decorative blocks, too, including terracotta. This oven-baked material provides excellent blast resistance as well as a fun way to jazz up your home base. Here’s how to make it.

How to make Terracotta in Minecraft

How to make Terracotta in Minecraft

You can make terracotta in Minecraft by using the furnace as a smelter. The only required ingredient is a clay block, which can be smelted into one block of hardened clay. Once crafted, terracotta can be dyed to the color of your choice.

The process couldn’t be much more straightforward. You’ll need a furnace, of course, as well as a fuel source like coal. After that you’ll need some clay blocks, the likes of which can be found around water throughout the desert biome.

Assuming you have those ingredients handy, the rest is easy. Put the clay block into the furnace and wait for it to get fully baked. When it’s done, you’ll be left with one block of terracotta. If you dye it and then bake it again, you’ll wind up with glazed terracotta.

If this seems like a familiar procedure, it’s because it’s basically the same as making bricks. Brick, like terracotta, is a hardened form of clay used in building. The main difference is that unlike bricks, the color and pattern of terracotta can be changed with dye. For that to work, simply visit the crafting menu, place a ring of terracotta around the outside, then put your dye item in the middle.

Like bricks, terracotta blocks have very high strength and blast resistance. They’re a good option for building more permanent structures in Minecraft, especially ones under threat of Creeper attacks. Just remember to reclaim them with the pickaxe, or you’ll risk destroying them entirely.

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