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Valheim Age Rating | Is it safe for kids?

Valheim is an incredibly popular game right now, which has a lot of young gamers eager to play. But, is the Norse Viking survival title appropriate for children? Here’s the latest on a Valheim age rating and if the game is safe for kids to play via Steam on PC.

What is the Valheim rating?

Valheim age rating

Valheim enjoyed a meteoric rise to popularity upon its February 2, 2021 launch. Overnight the game went from unknown to one of the hottest things on Steam and Twitch. Its influence on the gaming community was swift, which leaves parents in a tough spot. So, is Valheim safe for young kids? Or do children need to sit this trend out?

Due to Valheim launching as a Steam Early Access product, it doesn’t have an official PEGI or ESRB age rating yet. If the content doesn’t change too much, the final Valheim rating will likely be ESRB Teen and PEGI 16. Objectionable content in Valheim includes bloody violence and online interactions.

When players defeat an enemy in Valheim, an unrealistically large pool of blood appears on the ground. It isn’t overly graphic, though may be considered inappropriate for youngsters.

Where Valheim online interactions are concerned, players that meet the minimum requirements can create a dedicated server and set it to private. This will ensure that children do not come into contact with strangers, who may use profanity and inappropriate language via text and voice comms in public servers.

Valheim is a premium game that doesn’t feature microtransactions. Users are not currently able to make in-app purchases to buy DLC or randomized loot boxes.

Additionally, Valheim isn’t always straightforward — kids might need a hand getting to grips with the more complex survival mechanics. These beginner’s tips and tricks should help, though it may be necessary to enable console commands and make the game easier.