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Valheim Spawn Items | All console commands list

Valheim, the Norse Viking game from Iron Gate, can be pretty challenging. That’s no surprise considering that it falls under the survival genre, but some players would appreciate a smoother ride. For those that’d rather not engage with the resource gathering and crafting systems, thankfully, there are some handy console commands. Here is a full list of console commands on PC, including the Valheim spawn items cheat.

Valheim Console Commands | How to spawn items, enable god mode, and more

Valheim spawn items

The new Norse survival title, Valheim, is somewhat challenging to get into. Legit players can check out these beginner’s tips and tricks, but anyone eager to get straight to the meat of the matter may want to use console commands instead. Sure, it’s cheating, but, unlike installing a cheat engine, it does not break any rules.

How to use Valheim console commands and cheats

  1. Ensure that the Valheim developer console is enabled
    1. Right click on Valheim in your Steam Library, then click on Properties
    2. In the Launch Options dialog, type in “-console” (without quotation marks)
  2. Once in-game, press the F5 key to open the console
  3. Type “devcommands” into the console and press enter to activate cheats
    1. You’ll know cheats have been enabled when you see the warning message
    2. Note: The previous “imacheater” command no longer works following update version 0.148.6
  4. After entering your command, press F5 again to close the console

If playing solo, users can take advantage of Valheim console commands at any time. In a multiplayer environment, cheats and console commands are only available to the host as standard. Server hosts can grant clients permission to use them, should they wish.

With the proper permissions intact, simply open the Valheim console (F5) and enter the following terms to gain the specified effects.

Complete Valheim cheat console commands list

Here’s the complete list of Valheim cheat codes and console commands. Keep in mind that the previous “imacheater” code has been disabled following the March update. Moving forward, you’ll need to use “devcommands” enable cheats. If F5 isn’t displaying the console, you’ll need to re-enable the console by following step one in the list above.

  • devcommands
    • Enable and disable access to cheat commands.
  • spawn [item] [amount]
    • Spawn any number of a specified item.
    • Note: Use capital letters and no spaces on items, for example, “spawn CookedMeat 3”.
  • god
    • Toggle God Mode, granting the player invincibility.
  • save
    • Manually save game progress.
  • pos
    • Provides the current player coordinates.
  • goto [x,z]
    • Teleports the player to any given coordinates.
  • exploremap
    • Removes all fog from the map.
  • resetmap
    • Resets all previously explored map areas.
  • killall
    • Kill every enemy close to the player.
  • tame
    • Automatically tame nearby tameable creatures.
  • hair
    • Removes the player character’s hair.
  • beard
    • Removes the player character’s beard.
  • location
    • Set a new spawn location.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount]
    • Raise the specified skill to the given level.
  • resetskill [skill]
    • Reset the given skill back to zero.
  • freefly
    • Enable and disable the “freefly” camera view.
  • ffsmooth [0-1]
    • Customize the “freefly” camera’s level of smoothing.
  • tod [0-1]
    • Alter the current time of day.
  • env [env]
    • Enables the debug environment.
  • resetenv
    • Reset the debug environment.
  • wind [angle] [intensity]
    • Specify the angle and intensity of the wind.
  • resetwind
    • Returns the wind to its default state.
  • event [name]
    • Triggers any given event.
  • stopevent
    • Ends the current event.
  • randomevent
    • Begins a random event.
  • resetcharacter
    • Reset all character skills and inventory items.
  • removedrops
    • Deletes all nearby dropped items.
  • setkey [name]
    • Set a new global key.
  • resetkeys [name]
    • Reset the named key.
  • listkeys
    • See a list of all the global keys.
  • players [nr]
    • Set the level of difficulty scaling based on the number of players.
  • dpsdebug
    • Enable and disable the DPS debug overlay.

Complete Valheim console commands list (not cheats)

  • help
    • See all available Valheim console commands.
  • kick [ip/name/userID]
    • Provide one relevant piece of information to kick the specified player.
  • ban [ip/name/userID]
    • Provide one relevant piece of information to ban the specified player.
  • unban [ip/name/userID]
    • Provide one relevant piece of information to unban a banned player.
  • banned
    • See all players with an active server ban.
  • ping
    • Check the current ping to measure latency.
  • lodbias [0-5]
    • Set the draw distance of the current server.
  • info
    • See the current system information.

That’s every Valheim cheat and console command, all of which are usable on Windows and Linux PCs. With those major operating systems covered, might a Mac version of Valheim come out next? Here’s the latest on an Apple Macintosh version of the game.