Is there a new Roblox ban wave? (2021)

A lot of Roblox players are worrying about the 2021 ban wave rumor right now. With users investing plenty of time, effort, and money into their accounts it’s not surprising. But, is there really a new Roblox ban wave coming soon? Here’s the latest for players on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Roblox Ban Wave 2021 | Is it coming soon?

new Roblox ban wave

When developer Roblox Corporation updates its Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, “ban waves” can seemingly follow. These see large numbers of players receive warnings, temporary bans, and even permanent bans from playing Roblox. As such, it can be a nerve-wracking time for fans of the game.

There have been Roblox ban waves in the past, but there has been no announcement from Roblox Corporation concerning a new 2021 Roblox ban wave. The rumors circulating in-game are purely speculative, rather than being based on solid evidence. As such, players don’t have anything to worry about.

Of course, that’s assuming that players already follow the Roblox Community Rules, which can be found here. They outline how users should behave in order to keep their accounts in good standing and avoid the risk of receiving a ban. Roblox players should be on their best behavior in-game, as in real life. That means being polite and respectful to others, in addition to not exploiting the game with hacks.

Basically, even if a Roblox 2021 ban wave really is coming, players that stick to the rules have nothing to worry about. In fact, honest and well-mannered users should look forward to Roblox becoming a better place to play and create.

While Roblox exploits are bad, players can safely improve the game with a few add-ons. Installing an FPS unlocker and downloading the BTRoblox plug-in are two great ways to improve the gameplay experience.

For dedicated fans not at risk of banning, Roblox Premium is a good deal.