PlayStation Network | How to stop PSN junk messages on PS4 and PS5 (2021)

PlayStation Network is a great way to meet up with existing contacts online, but also a good place to make new friends with shared interests. Unfortunately, however, PSN junk messages can make legitimate interactions harder than they should be. Fortunately, there is a way to block junk mail on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. Here’s how to stop spam messages on PS5 and PS4.

PSN Junk Messages | How do you stop spam mail on PlayStation Network?

PSN junk messages

Almost everybody gets phishing scams and general spam clogging up their email inbox, but it’s less expected on PSN. The PlayStation Network doesn’t seem like an obvious place for scammers to operate, but it’s a popular location nonetheless. Still, interruptions to valuable game time by spambots shouldn’t be tolerated. Not when there’s a quick and easy fix, anyway!

How to block PSN junk messages on PS5

  1. Boot up the PlayStation 5 console.
  2. Select the gear icon in the top-right corner to access the “Settings” menu.
  3. Choose “Users and Accounts” from the list.
  4. Navigate to the “Privacy” tab, then select the “View and Customize Your Privacy Setting” option.
  5. Scroll down to the “Communication and multiplayer” section.
  6. Select the “Who can interact with you through parties, games, and messages” setting.
  7. Choose one of the following:
    • “No One”
    • “Friends Only”

How to block PSN junk messages on PS4

  1. Turn on the PlayStation 4 console.
  2. Select the toolbox icon to access the “Settings” screen
  3. Choose the “Account Management” option.
  4. Pick “Privacy Settings” from the list.
  5. Select the “Personal Info | Messaging” setting.
  6. Scroll down and choose the “Messages” option.
  7. Choose one of the following settings:
    • “Friends Only”
    • “No One”

Note that both consoles may request the account password when attempting to access privacy settings.

There’s no effect on friend requests and voice comms, so players can still befriend other PSN users. By blocking messages from random users, however, the PlayStation Network spam issue will be fixed.

With PS5 junk messaging solved, users can sit back and enjoy the upcoming next-gen version of Marvel’s Avengers without interruption. That plus Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which just got a summer release date. Until then, there are still plenty of great games to come in February.