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Ark: Survival Evolved 2.49 update today patch notes

The Ark: Survival Evolved 2.49 update patch notes have been pushed live, with the update today bringing with it a number of fixes for the game across the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The update forced the game offline for a brief period of time, as servers went down to accommodate the changes, with developer Studio Wildcard revealing the changes deployed across platforms.

The patch notes for the Ark update today can be viewed below:

Ark patch notes for the update today

ark update today patch notes 2.49

The patch notes for today’s update aren’t extensive, with them instead largely focusing on fixing technical issues with the game. These include issues with its map and a bizarre glitch where players could ride an unconscious Stego. Thankfully, the ability to mercilessly mount a dino while it isn’t conscious has now been removed from the game.


The PC patch notes focus on a client crash and delivering more information to the player via Cryopods:

  • Fixed a client crash caused by highlighting/mousing over cryopods
  • Genesis Chronicles VII (Notes 16 – 20 have been added with the TEK Federation Gloves cosmetic)
  • Additional metrics for transfer and server connection issues
  • Cryopods now display more information including the creatures’ color region and mutations.

PS4 and Xbox One

Players will no longer be able to mount the poor unconscious Stego on PS4 and Xbox, while map issues have also been fixed:

  • Can no longer ride unconscious Stego
  • Fixed various map issues related to volumes and borders
  • Ziplines will now check to see whether a character can actually fit into a space before allowing them to attach to the zipline
  • Genesis Chronicles IV (Notes 16 – 20 have been added with the TEK Federation Gloves cosmetic)

It’s not a major update, though Studio Wildcard is likely busy working on ARK: Survival Evolved 2, the sequel that weirdly stars Vin Diesel. It’s possible that we’ll hear more info about the game during Sony’s recently announced PlayStation State of Play this week.