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Minecraft Snapshots Release Time | When is the update?

New Minecraft snapshots provide hardcore members of the creative community to preview and test new features of the game. Snapshots can only be experienced on PC, meaning PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android players are unable to download and play them. For those on PC, Snapshots are a great way of checking out the latest content coming to the game. It’s a sneak peek at the future of the game that others can’t yet enjoy.

What time do Minecraft snapshots come out?

what time do minecraft snapshots come out

Minecraft snapshots come out at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT/5 PM GMT on Wednesdays.

The above time is when snapshots are normally deployed. Usually, u/sliced_lime (Minecraft Java Tech Lead) will post on Reddit when the update has gone live. This usually takes place between 5-6 PM GMT. The estimate above is based on the average time that they post, though they have posted early in the past at around 3 PM GMT and later at around 6:30 PM GMT.

It’s difficult to get an exact time as the developers don’t seem to stick to a concrete schedule. Other than rolling out the new Minecraft snapshot on a Wednesday, the devs seem to push out the update when it’s ready.

Keeping an eye on u/sliced_lime’s Reddit profile every Wednesday is a good idea. They’ll post once the patch is ready for download, while also providing a list of key changes.

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