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Call of Duty Season 3 Start Date | Warzone and Cold War

Call of Duty Season 3 is next up in the CoD calendar, with both Warzone and Black Ops Cold synced up and ready to receive the next content drop. These are the most exciting times for Call of Duty players, as a new season usually means new maps, modes, weapons, operators, and more for Black Ops Cold War, as well as significant changes to the map in Warzone. Here’s when Call of Duty Season 3 starts.

When does Call of Duty Season 3 start?

Call of Duty Season 3 Start Date

Call of Duty Season 3 will start on April 22, 2021. This is for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

This is based on when the second season is scheduled to end. Once that season has ended, the following season should begin on the next day. This will be April 22, 2021, assuming no delays or extensions. With the second season being over two weeks shorter than the first season, there is potential for some kind of extension, though developer Treyarch has not mentioned this yet.

With Season 1 lasting 70 days and Season 2 allowing 55 days for players to complete the Battle Pass and reach Prestige Master, it remains to be seen just how long Season 3 lasts for. Here’s hoping it provides enough time for everyone to grind out to Tier 100.

For now, the start date for Season 3 is April 22. This is when players should be able to buy the new Season 3 Battle Pass, as well as when the new Prestige levels will be unlocked.

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