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Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection | How to beat Cerberus boss guide

The Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection Cerberus boss appears in the second level, Zone 2’s Hellfire Hamlet, with player-character Arthur being tasked with taking down the three fiery dogs before you can progress. The most difficult boss fight up until that point, Cerberus requires good timing and reactions in order to beat him, so you’ll want to come into the fight well-prepared. Here’s our guide on how to beat Cerberus in GnG Resurrection.

How to beat Cerberus in Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection

Cerberus has three different forms. The first is his three-headed single form, where he will lay down fire and jump towards you. The second will see him divide into three different dogs, each with their own attack patterns. The third will see him become a single-headed, giant dog that is more powerful but slower to attack.

Here’s how to beat each one:

How to beat Cerberus’ first form

ghosts n goblins resurrection beat cerberus guide

Cerberus’ first form is the easiest to defeat, as it only takes about 6 shots to get him to switch forms. However, to get those shots in, you’ll need to act fast while also avoiding his attacks.

Follow these steps to defeat this form:

  1. Shoot him twice while he’s on the main platform.
    • Cerberus begins the fight on the main central platform. You can get a few easy shots in on him here, though be careful not to stay beneath him for too long as he may launch a jumping attack against you.
  2. Stay mobile to avoid his jumping attack.
    • If you remain in the same spot for too long, Cerberus’ jumping attack may land directly on top of you. You can tell he’s about to launch into this if he briefly pauses before jumping into the air.
  3. Notice when he disappears off-screen.
    • This is his preparation for his running attack, which will see him run across the screen while leaving fire behind him. Stay central for this before jumping to the platforms he doesn’t touch.

After a few hits, the first form will be defeated and he’ll enter into his second form.

How to beat Cerberus’ second form

ghosts n goblins resurrection beat cerberus guide 3

This is by far the trickiest form to beat initially, though it can be made pretty simple if you get the pattern down. Cerberus’ second form is divided into three dogs of different colors — red, yellow, and purple —each with their own unique attacks.

The red Cerberus has a jumping attack that will see him pursue you with a jump and bite you if you’re close enough, the yellow Cerberus lays down several fires you have to avoid, while the purple Cerberus breathes fire that covers considerable ground. Red will always attack first, yellow second, and purple third, so keep that in mind when maneuvering around the stage.

Follow the steps below to beat this form:

  1. Stand beneath purple Cerberus but aim for red.
    • Red Cerberus is the trickiest dog to handle, but purple Cerberus’ fire breath stretches far enough to hit you from multiple areas of the stage. As such, standing beneath purple Cerberus and luring the red dog towards you before attacking it will keep you safe while you can get some hits in.
  2. After defeating red Cerberus, target purple.
    • Purple is easy to beat, as you only need to stand beneath him and shoot upwards. Make sure you avoid yellow’s falling fire while you’re attacking.

After beating these two forms, Cerberus will transform into his final form. Be sure to check the far-left side of the stage for the chest if you wish to change weapons at this point.

How to beat Cerberus’ final form

ghosts n goblins resurrection beat cerberus guide 2

Cerberus’ final form can be killed relatively swiftly, though the damage you may have sustained in the previous two forms can make this encounter intense. Fortunately, this form is slower and has attacks that are easier to predict.

  1. Stay mobile and avoid the jump attack.
    • This form mimics the jump attack of the first form, though adds an extra claw attack that deals out damage. If you stay mobile as Cerberus is about to jump into the air, you’ll avoid it.
  2. Attack while Cerberus is dropping fire.
    • Cerberus will leave himself completely open while he’s dropping fire from the top of the stage. Follow him and attack upwards while avoiding the fire in the process.
  3. Stay on the central platform for the running attack.
    • This will allow you to swiftly jump to an area where he isn’t trailing fire behind him.

After following the above steps, you’ll be able to defeat Cerberus in Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection and continue on with Arthur’s adventure. For more GnG Resurrection, you can read our review right here. In other Nintendo Switch game news, fans are anticipating a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake, while a prototype for a long-forgotten Nintendo 64 game has been unearthed.