Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake ‘tease’ gets fans excited

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake for the Nintendo Switch has been heavily requested by fans over the years, and now some believe that Nintendo has teased an upcoming announcement and release date. With Pokemon Day less than a week away, the official Pokemon Twitter account has referenced Sinnoh’s starters, leading to speculation that we could be seeing a return to the region.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake rumors heat up

Pokemon fans are expecting some new announcements on Pokemon Day, the February 27 event that marks the 25th anniversary of the blockbuster series. While a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake would be a surprising new reveal, some believe that Nintendo may have teased its existence in a tweet.

“Let’s go, Sinnoh!” the official Pokemon account tweeted. “Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup are preparing for #PokemonDay — it’s only 4 days away!”

Now, Nintendo has been tweeting out various Pokemon in the run-up to Pokemon Day, though some fans believe that the use of “let’s go” is a reference to the franchise’s spin-off series, which began on the Switch with Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee. As those games were remakes of Pokemon Yellow, some believe that a Diamond and Pearl remake could be in development.

Nintendo has not announced a follow-up to its Let’s Go spin-off series, though both games proved to be successful for the company. It has released several remakes and remasters on the Switch, so a remake of another old Pokemon game isn’t off the cards, even if the suggestion that this tweet is a tease seems far-fetched.

The latest Nintendo Direct disappointed many viewers though it didn’t include any new Pokemon announcements, meaning that Pokemon Day could see some new games being unveiled. If this isn’t the case, at least fans of the Pokemon game series have Pokemon Snap to look forward to, unlike followers of the Pokemon Trading Card Game who are still being left empty-handed as a result of mass stock shortages.