Box art - Hellrider

Hellrider iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

You get points only for hitting the skeletons, so make sure that you hit them and you don’t let them pass by.

Watch out for obstacles like the rock formations beecause if you hit these you will lose and have to start right over.

When fighting bosses wait until the boss drops a bomb that does not have a lit fuse. Run into it and you’ll pick it up, and an arrow will pop up aiming from side to side. Tap to stop the arrow when it’s facing the boss (or in the boss’s path), and when the bomb hits the boss you’ll beat him.

If you change directions while the stage is rotating, then when the stage finishes rotating you will just end up sliding straight. This can put you at an advantage in some cases, although you will still have to rotate again and change directions once an obstacle comes at you again.

Grab every continue that you see. It is denoted by the V-shape that you can collect. Once you die, you can hit the continue to come right back to life.