Facebook Messenger Issues | Not sending messages, not working, is there an outage?

Facebook Messenger users are having issues with messages not sending. This seems to be an outage that’s primarily affecting European users. Some are reporting that they’re getting a message in Facebook Messenger stating, “Some features not available,” alongside a statement that the cause is new rules for messaging services in Europe. This leaves users wondering if there’s a workaround or fix until the outage is over.

What’s causing the Facebook Messenger issues and outage?

Facebook Messenger Some Features not Available

The current Facebook Messenger outage may or may not be connected to the “Some features not available” message. This pop-up first appeared for European users in December, and it may just be a glitch causing it to reappear. While the issues seem to be predominantly localized to Europe, we are seeing some reports that US customers are being affected as well.

There have been reports that other Facebook-owned services like Instagram and WhatsApp have been down sporadically throughout the day as well. Unfortunately, there’s not much users can do about a Facebook Messenger outage except wait or use an alternative app. For those who have had privacy concerns, now might be a great time to switch to a messaging app with a better reputation like Signal.

The Facebook Messenger servers going down may have something to do with the change to its privacy policies. The outage may be due to internal updates being performed. The Facebook service status page doesn’t actually indicate that anything is wrong, and Facebook hasn’t released a statement about today’s outages, so there’s currently no way to know the cause.

Facebook is usually very quick to get its services back online when an outage occurs, so users shouldn’t have to wait too long for regular functionality to be restored. Again, the best fix for these issues is to have patience and wait for them to be resolved.