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Outriders Servers Down | Why can’t I connect to the game?

The Outriders demo is out, and some players are having issues connecting to the servers to play. It’s not unusual for servers to go down at the launch of a game, especially when it’s a free demo. However, players are wondering when they’ll be able to connect to Outriders today.

Are the Outriders servers down?

Outriders Servers Down

When a game launches, a studio doesn’t know exactly how popular it’ll be, so it has to allocate servers using an estimate. With Outriders, the number of servers allocated when the demo launched couldn’t handle the demand. This doesn’t mean the Outrider servers are down. Instead, there are not enough slots available for the amount of users who want to play the game.

Fortunately, the studio has more servers on standby, and it’s currently adding capacity. That means there’s nothing that needs to be done on the player’s side of things. The fix for the issue with Outriders’ servers is just to have patience and wait until more servers come online.

We see this issue with every new game, so it’s not unexpected to see server problems with Outriders. It’s expensive to run servers, so studios typically ride the razor’s edge. This should be worked out within the day, and connection issues should be fixed for those trying to enjoy the demo.

If players continue to have issues connecting to the Outriders servers, they can try a few of the common fixes below:

  • Reset the router and modem used to access the internet.
  • Reset the device Outriders is installed on.
  • Make sure the ports needed to connect to Outriders aren’t blocked.
  • Check to make sure NAT type is either Moderate or Open.
  • Uninstall Outriders and reinstall it.

If a player follows the above directions and still has issues, the problem likely isn’t on their end. The Outriders Twitter has done a good job of updating players about any issues so far, so keep an eye on it for more details.