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How to change NAT type on Call of Duty: Warzone

If you’re struggling to connect to and play the game online and are encountering Call of Duty: Warzone NAT Type errors, you will want to know how to change NAT type on Call of Duty: Warzone. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll let you in on how to change your Call of Duty: Warzone NAT type. Read on to discover how to change to an open NAT type on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

How to change Call of Duty: Warzone NAT type

Call of Duty: Warzone NAT type

NAT types are a confusing thing when it comes to online gaming and routers. You’ll want to make sure that your router is set to an open NAT type or NAT type 1 on PS4. Unfortunately, changing your router from a moderate or strict NAT type to an open one is a little complicated.

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While some people have had some luck with changing their NAT type simply by resetting their router and console, you may need to actively change your NAT type via your router. You may even need to do some port forwarding (the list of ports for Modern Warfare port forwarding, at least, can be found here).

To change your Call of Duty: Warzone NAT type to open or type 1, follow these steps, as outlined originally in our Black Ops 4 NAT type error guide:

  • Head to the admin page for your router. You should be able to find this information on the back of your router
  • Put in the credentials that you see on the back of your router when asked to input a username and password to login to the admin page of your router
  • Once logged in, enable UPnP (Univeral Plug and Play). You should see the setting option on the admin homepage or within a backlink to the ‘media’ page
  • Once you have turned UPnP on, you should be able to assign your NAT type to your router’s DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and set it to open or type 1, on PS4
  • Try port forwarding if the above doesn’t work
  • For port forwarding information, visit the page for port forwarding associated with your specific router, as the process varies depending on the make and model of your router
  • After following the information on the port forwarding page, you’ll need to consult the recommended port forwarding values for your platform of choice, which we’ve linked to above

For more information on port forwarding and changing NAT types, we’d recommend you take a look at the Activision Support page on the matter.

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