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Destiny 2 Seasonal Power level cap changes explained

Last year, Bungie started raising the Power cap by 50 each season in Destiny 2. Given how hard it can be to obtain more Power after hitting the soft and powerful caps, players needed to chase gear constantly to reach the seasonal Power cap. Luckily, Bungie is going to ease the grind. Starting with Season 14, the Power cap will only increase by 10 each season.

How will the seasonal max Power level cap work in Destiny 2 from Season 14 on?

Destiny 2 seasonal power level increase changes

The seasonal Power level cap in Destiny 2 will work much the same when Season 14 rolls around as it does now. However, instead of adding 40 levels to the Powerful Gear cap and 10 to Pinnacle Gear, players will just have to worry about getting the latter.

So, if a player is at max Power Level for the season, they start the next one by going straight into chasing Pinnacle Gear. This should make each season feel less like a reset and prevent players from having to grind for Powerful Gear just so they can hit the cap and start searching for Pinnacle Gear.

This lower Seasonal Power cap, paired with the removal of sunsetting, should also remove some of the increasing FOMO levels prevalent in Destiny 2. The game is currently quite intimidating to jump into for those who have been away for a while, and this should allow people who play sporadically to spend less time each season chasing the Power cap.

The official blog post announcing this change does use the following language:

“…we will be experimenting with a new Power level cap.”

So, the 10 point increase for non-expansion seasons may not be permanent. However, it is great to see that Bungie addressing an aspect of the game that many players considered to be detrimental to the overall experience. The new seasonal Power cap, combined with other changes to the game, looks like it’ll go a long way toward revitalizing Destiny 2 and making it more approachable.