PS5 | How to leave voice chat on PlayStation 5

The PS5 might’ve made a significant leap forward in terms of tech, but its UI can feel like more of a step backward. It should be simple, but some users are scratching their heads over how to leave voice chat on PlayStation 5. With that in mind, here’s the quickest and easiest way to quit a party on PS5.

How to quit a voice chat party on PS5

PS5 how to leave voice chat

Not being able to quickly exit voice comms on PS5 can be annoying, but also, potentially embarrassing. It’s for this reason many users are seeking a simple solution to leaving party chat on PlayStation 5 consoles.

There are several ways to leave voice chat on PS5, so here’s the quickest and most consistent method:

  1. Press the PS button.
  2. Select the first Activity Card.
  3. Locate the row of small icons underneath the party name.
  4. Choose the exit icon (doorway with an arrow).

Following the above steps is the most reliable way to quickly leave voice chat on PlayStation 5. While it is possible to double-tap the PS button to bring up the most recent Activity Card, essentially combining the first two steps into one, voice chat won’t always be the newest Activity Card. As a result, this can ultimately waste time.

Alternatively, it’s also possible this way: PS button > Voice Chat > Party > Leave Party. Navigating through the menus this way is slower than following the numbered bullets above, however.

With leaving voice chat on PS5 in the bag, next comes the question of how to access PSN messages. It’s harder to figure out than it really should be, though, fortunately, GameRevolution has it covered. On that same topic, check out how to stop getting spam messages on PlayStation Network.

Finally, despite rumors suggesting so, no, Sony has not stopped PlayStation 5 production. Doing so this early would be madness!