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Will Apex Legends get Titans in 2021?

Fans have been wondering whether Titans are coming to Apex Legends or not for two years now. The creators of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, also produced Titanfall, and the two games share the same universe. Despite the two games’ commonalities, Respawn hasn’t added Titans to Apex Legends in regular gameplay or as part of a limited-time event. We’ll take a look to see if it’s likely that Apex Legends will get Titans in 2021 or not.

Are Titans coming to Apex Legends in 2021?

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According to a recent blog post by Apex Legends director Chad Grenier, the concept for the game started with Titans in mind. However, over time, the team found difficulties in balancing the powerful feeling they wanted players to get from piloting a Titan with battle royale gameplay. Respawn decided to remove Titans altogether rather than risk nerfing them to the point they were no longer fun to use.

Since the launch of Apex Legends, the devs have added vehicles in the form of the Trident, but it still focuses on infantry-style combat. There’s no sign that Respawn intends to change that dynamic, either permanently or as part of an event. It’s unlikely that we’ll see Titans in Apex Legends in 2021 as a gameplay element.

The thought of piloting a Titan in Apex Legends seems immensely cool, but it would be tough to add them in a way that wouldn’t require a massive rebalance to the game. Additionally, Respawn would have to add anti-Titan weapons, change map layouts, and new gameplay mechanics centered around these mechs.

The most likely avenue in which a Titan could be added to Apex Legends would be either as wreckage to decorate a map or as part of a cutscene. Apex fans who want mech action are best off playing Titanfall 2 (which still has a rather lively multiplayer scene) or waiting for Titanfall 3.