Bravely Default 2 Job Level 15 | How to raise job level cap

Combat in Bravely Default 2 is all about jobs. Each of the game’s characters can have both a job and a subjob to help prioritize certain abilities. And, in the classic JRPG fashion, job levels can be increased up to a specific job level cap. Level 12 is the maximum for most of the game, but there is a way to unlock job level 15 with a little extra work.

How to raise job level cap to 15 in Bravely Default 2

How to raise job level cap to 15 in Bravely Default 2

For most of Bravely Default 2, the maximum job level is set at 12. However, you can unlock job level 15 following the events of Chapter 6. Basically, the maximum job level cap can be increased from 12 to 15 throughout the game’s main story.

If you haven’t yet reached Chapter 6, you don’t have anything to worry about. Up until that point, the highest job level you’ll be able to reach is 12. Prior to Chapter 6, each of the game’s job classes will be able to reach 12 at the highest, no matter how many battles you complete or JP orbs you collect.

During Chapter 6, however, you’ll eventually see a notification that the job level cap for Freelancer has been increased. When that happens, several portals will spawn across the in-game world. These portals will take you to optional trials, and if you can complete them, you’ll be able to raise the job level for other jobs from 12 up to the maximum of 15.

The portals are pretty easy to spot: They glow and whirl with a blueish light. However, they are spread quite wide, with essentially one portal to be found in every major destination. Plus, the trials aren’t easy: You’ll need to bring all of your strongest characters and abilities.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to miss. The maximum job level cap will be set at 12 until you reach Chapter 6. After that, you’ll have the option of raising the job level to 15 by completing trials. All you’ll need to do is find a portal and brave the challenges within.