Box art - Battle Camp

Battle Camp iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Start looking for rare monsters right away.

When you fight a rare monster they have a chance at earning you a monster piece.

Make huge combos to do huge amounts of damage to one monster.

If you want to target one specific monster for a barrage of combo attacks, tap on the monster to put a target on it, then make as many combos as you can in one turn by dragging a piece around and displacing other pieces.

Participate in the events for huge prizes.

Keep in mind which colors are strong against which other colors.

Fire is strong against plant.

Plant is strong against water.

Water is strong against fire.

Rock and wind are strong against each other.

Level up a bunch of common monsters, with five fusion sacrifice monsters at a time, and then take those leveled-up common monsters and fuse them into one of your rare monsters. This will provide a huge experience bonus and will overall use less than half of the stones that leveling up a level 6 rare monster would.

Need more space for your monsters!? Deposit new monsters. Go to the monster management screen and you’ll find the “deposit” option right next to the option to sell your extra cards.

Always use the monsters whose color is strong against the boss’s color so that you end up with five attacks for every one match that you pull off.

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