When is the Aliens: Fireteam release date?

Aliens: Fireteam is a co-op survival shooter that seemingly came out of nowhere. Revealed with little fanfare, word of mouth quickly spread the news as players grew increasingly excited to “survive the hive” of extraterrestrial Xenomorphs. When exactly will they be able to do so, though? Here’s the latest on the Aliens: Fireteam release date for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

When is the Aliens: Fireteam PC release date?

Aliens Fireteam PC release date

Aliens: Fireteam developer Cold Iron Studios has been around for a number of years now, though this will be its debut game. Having had plenty of time in the flamethrower-fuelled oven, it must be ready to hatch sooner rather than later. Right?

The Aliens: Fireteam release date is summer 2021. It’s launching on PC via Steam at some point between June and September. No exact release date has been specified yet, though the target summer release window has been confirmed.

When is the Aliens: Fireteam PS4 and PS5 release date?

Aliens Fireteam PlayStation release date

Aliens: Fireteam will hit PS5 and PS4 this summer. The target PlayStation release date falls somewhere between June and September 2021. So far, the developers have only provided a summer release window and no precise launch day.

Both versions should launch simultaneously, though there’s currently no word on whether a free Aliens: Fireteam PS5 upgrade will be available to owners of the PS4 version.

When is the Aliens: Fireteam Xbox release date?

Aliens Fireteam Xbox release date

The Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Aliens: Fireteam release date is summer 2021. That slates the survival shooter for a launch between the months of June and September. There’s only a launch window to go on for now, but, as release day approaches, Cold Iron Studios should reveal an exact date and time.

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