Destroy All Humans 2 remake teased again in random skins trailer

2020’s Destroy All Humans remake was received relatively well as it was a faithful and streamlined refresh of an admittedly dated game. And even though the game released in July 2020, Black Forest Games just put out a trailer detailing a trio of free skins coming to the game. But those skins weren’t the biggest takeaway as said trailer seems to heavily imply that a Destroy All Humans 2 remake is coming, too. This is the second time the studio has teased this alleged remake.

Is there a Destroy All Humans 2 remake coming?

This Destroy All Humans 2 remake tease starts around 38 seconds in as a second Crypto hops on the screen, which is similar to the first trailer that teased this remake in late February. This mystery Crypto asks the first Crypto — Crypto-137 — if he is done yet and 137 replies that the second Crypto should “wait [his] turn.” 137 then turns to the screen and says he is “only getting started.” The dialogue isn’t subtle and seems deliberately chosen to hint at another game.

The other biggest giveaway is the armor on the second Crypto. As shown in the above comparison screen shot, the Crypto from the original Destroy All Humans 2 (left) has new shoulder pads that are also on the surprise guest Crypto (right). These shoulder pads are not in the original game or the remake, but only in the sequel.

The presence of two Cryptos could also be hinting towards co-op, a feature that the second game also added. The first game and the remake were strictly solo experiences. The 2006 sequel, however, added split-screen co-op to the game. Having a duo of Cryptos in the trailer seems to point to the cooperative nature of Destroy All Humans 2.

Black Forest Games has not officially confirmed that the sequel is coming. But the team did give a cheeky statement to IGN for the aforementioned first teaser trailer back in February:

“We can‘t explain it to ourselves who that other Furon clone is either. We’ve contacted all intelligence agencies we know and asked for support – Majestic, the KGB, that guy in a tinfoil hat outside our office screaming at a phone box every day… We think we are onto something though, and may have more intel to share soon!”