Apple VR Headset | Release date, price, hardware specs, leaks, and rumors

Apple may not be the first to release a technology, but it is the one to perfect it. Throughout this year, we’ve heard reports that an Apple VR headset is under development. Leaks and rumors about Apple’s VR plans for the future have filled in the picture of what the headset specs might be capable of when its release date might be, and what it might cost.

Apple VR headset hardware specs


According to Bloomberg and The Information, the Apple VR headset has the potential to be the most impressive HMD to date. Reports say that the headset will include dual 8K displays with advanced eye-tracking, which will blow any VR product on the market out of the water.

Users can also expect excellent inside-out tracking from the 12+ cameras and LIDAR sensors that are said to be on the Apple VR headset. From rumors, it sounds like this will be a standalone product like the Oculus Quest 2 and will probably be powered by one of Apple’s own chips.

Apple VR headset pricing

This is where things get a bit disappointing for most of us. The Information stated that Apple internally discussed pricing its VR headset at around $3,000. It seems as though the first version of the device will be marketed more towards developers and commercial applications, much like the Microsoft Hololens.

It’s been suggested that the Apple VR headset is a stepping stone toward a compact AR headset that’s set to debut sometime in the next five years. Apple VR will support VR and AR applications, which will make it ideal for developing apps that use these technologies.

Apple VR release date

Apple hasn’t even hinted at developing a VR headset, much less given them an official announcement or release date. Bloomberg states that it won’t be unveiled until at least early 2023, while the Information states its sources stated Apple hopes to ship the headset in 2022.