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Valheim | How to tame lox

Valheim can be an isolating and challenging experience, especially when playing solo offline. Taming animals is a great way around that — be it a boar, a wolf, or even a lox. The fictional lox is, true to its name, a combination of a lizard and an ox. The species is incredibly aggressive and completely deadly, but, with a little TLC, it’s possible to quickly and easily tame lox as pets in the Plains biome. So, here’s the need-to-know on how to tame lox in Valheim for PC.

How to tame lox in Valheim

Valheim how to tame lox

Taming boar and wolves is relatively simple, but building a lox to 100% affection is a slightly more dangerous and time-consuming task. If it wasn’t already clear from their size, lox hit like a battleaxe. It’s possible for most Vikings to die in a single hit from one, though, arguably, that makes taming a pet lox even more tempting. Who could say no to wielding such power?

Here’s a quick and easy method to tame lox in Valheim:
  1. Use stone walls to build a pen close to the Plains biome base, making sure to leave a single opening.
  2. Find and attract the attention of a lox, then carefully lead it through the opening and into the stone pen.
    • Getting two lox allows for breeding, along with a steady supply of meat and pelts.
  3. Exit the pen, then quickly fill in the opening to complete the stone wall.
  4. Gather barley and cloudberries to feed the lox with; growing these resources at the base will help.
  5. Build a staircase on the outside of the pen, then climb up and drop the food into the pen from a safe distance.
  6. Continue this process until the 100% affection message appears.
  7. The lox is now tame, safe to approach, and appreciative of a pet from the player.

Unlike wolves, lox won’t generally follow the player into battle. They’re still very useful to have around, though.

Despite being a Steam Early Access game, Valheim already has some great mods. Check out Valheim Plus, first-person mode, and the VR modification for more details.