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Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 start date and skins

The Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 start date will likely bring in the game’s fifth birthday with a host of new skins, cosmetics, and flashback Arcade modes. But when does the Overwatch Anniversary start? And what skins will it bring?

Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 | Start and end date

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Blizzard has not officially confirmed when the Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 will start, but it’s easy to guess when it will. It is very likely that the the Anniversary will start anywhere from May 18 to May 25. Given how the game originally released on May 24, 2016, the Anniversary event usually starts on the third Tuesday of May or the first Tuesday in the 20s. There is a slight issue with 2021 as the third Tuesday is on the 18th, which is earlier than usual, and the first Tuesday in the 20s is the 25th, which is after the actual anniversary.

The Anniversary Event end day will probably be three weeks from the start date, as it was in past years. This means the it will probably end anywhere from June 8 to June 15. Check back later when Blizzard drops the official schedule.

Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 | Skins

Blizzard has not showcased any Overwatch Anniversary skins for 2021 just yet, but this article will be updated with a complete slideshow when they do get revealed. The game will most likely have around eight or so skins. Five of those skins will be Legendary, while three will be Epic and tied to weekly challenges. These make players win nine games a week in order to earn that week’s skin.

There will likely be more cosmetics, too, like emotes, sprays, player icons, and more. However, emotes might be in short supply since everyone already has a dance emote as Blizzard has not put out a new hero since Echo in April 2020. That was just before the previous Anniversary event and will be the last new hero Overwatch gets before its sequel comes out some time in the future.