What app that makes pictures move are TikTokers using?

Users have been wowing viewers on TikTok by using an app that makes pictures move. These apps take a static photo of a person and turn them into a lifelike animation. There are a few apps that can make pictures move as if they were real, the most notable being MyHeritage.

What app makes pictures move on TikTok?

TikTokers are making pictures of their relatives move as if they were a video. This meme has swept the social media platform by storm and is primarily being accomplished by utilizing MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia feature.

Turning photos of people into moving, blinking, smiling video clips might seem like magic, but it’s not. Deep Nostalgia is powered by deep learning AI created by D-ID.

To use the Deep Nostalgia feature on MyHeritage, users must create a free account. However, after that, the site will let users create free clips from any photograph that features a person.

@thomasflanigan_The app is called MyHeritage #greenscreenvideo #myheritage #McDonaldsCCSing #ancestors♬ record before u listen – penny lane

Are there alternative to MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia?

For those that don’t want to sign up for a MyHeritage account, there are alternative apps that do the same thing. Tokking Heads is one that can be found on iOS. This app animates images based on movement from videos. Unlike MyHeritage, this app allows users to match different videos to an image to bring the pictures to life in various ways.

Users who aren’t afraid to get technical can use Nvidia’s Imaginaire library to pull off the same effect. The video-to-video algorithms included can convert a semantic video and an example image into a photorealistic video. This method obviously takes some work to get running, and it likely won’t get the same quality of results seen with the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia feature. However, it’s completely free to use as long as a user owns an Nvidia GPU to power the AI.