MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app | How to download on Android and iOS

A new viral craze is sweeping across social media and TikTok. It’s all based around the popular Deep Nostalgia filter that comes as part of the MyHeritage mobile app. This filter allows creators to enhance older photos to make it appear as if the subjects are in motion. As you may expect, the Deep Nostalgia app is making waves among users both surprised and amazed by seeing older relatives and friends moving in a lifelike fashion. Here’s how to get the Deep Nostalgia filter by downloading the MyHeritage app on iOS and Android or through the service’s own web portal.

Deep Nostalgia filter | How to download MyHeritage app

Deep Nostalgia filter - How to download MyHeritage app

The Deep Nostalgia photo filter is offered exclusively through MyHeritage. The MyHeritage app is available for download on both iOS and Android mobile devices, or users can use the Deep Nostalgia app through the company’s official website.

Getting the app itself is simple enough: You can download MyHeritage through the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. However, there is one major limitation you need to consider before attempting to use the Deep Nostalgia filter: Cost. The filter is not entirely free; you can only use it six times without charge. After that, you’ll need to pay for a subscription: MyHeritage Complete costs $299 per year, but allows infinite uses of the filter without placing a watermark on the results.

Beyond that, the app itself seems to be having some temporary difficulties. It’s possible that the MyHeritage team did not expect their photo effect to go viral, and that the app’s servers aren’t able to handle the current load. In fact, several Android and iOS are reporting that they can’t get the app itself to download, let alone use the Deep Nostalgia effect.

PC users should try the Deep Nostalgia filter online

Luckily, you do have some alternative options. All of the service’s functions, including the Deep Nostalgia filter, are available on the official MyHeritage website. If the app isn’t working for you, the website should; it doesn’t appear to be affected by the problems being reported in the mobile apps.

Alternatively, Android users can download and install the MyHeritage app apk from outside sources. We can’t provide specific links, but a simple Google search should suffice. Just be aware that the mobile app is being updated regularly while the developers sort out its issues, so any apk you find online may become quickly outdated.

If you’re jonesing to use the Deep Nostalgia filter on your photos, it’s probably best to use the company’s website. At least until the MyHeritage mobile app is fixed, this appears to be the best way to access the effect. Otherwise, you can simply download the iOS or Android app to your phone and use the filter up to six times for free. That, or you can jump on other viral sensations like the disturbing no beard filter or the pseudo-helpful Ted Talks filter.