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What is Rocket Labs in Rocket League?

The Rocket Labs Rocket League mode is right on the matchmaking screen. But this screen does not clearly explain what Rocket Labs in Rocket League is. Here’s what the LTM Rocket Labs is in Rocket League.

Rocket Labs Rocket League | What is it?

What is Rocket Labs in Rocket League?

The Rocket Labs Rocket League mode is a limited-time mode that features experimental arenas and mutators. The one currently in Season 2 of the game is the default mode of Soccar on arenas in the game and will last until the evening of Monday, March 15. This LTM will be added to the playlist periodically through Season 2 in the Casual LTM playlist.

Some of these are just non-standard arenas like the curvy Cosmic arena with boost pads on the wall or the Pillars. Other games in this playlist will have the traditional mutators that were introduced way back in 2015. These include stuff like the spiky that impales the ball, a power-up that freezes the ball, and more. These are just meant for casual play and mix up the game. Psyonix said a new Rocket Labs arena will come to the playlist that is a “throwback to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars,” the team’s previous game and Rocket League spiritual predecessor.

Psyonix did not say how many times it will pop up throughout the season. However, expect it to maybe pop up at least a few more times this season. While not typically the most competitive way to play Rocket League, this mode is a good way to change it up and maybe even grab a few of the trophies or achievements present in those certain mutator-specific modes, too.

Season 2 will last until April 7 as Psyonix recently extended it past its initial March end date. This new sound-based season brought in some new cosmetics, including the new and highly sought after W.I.P. decal.