Warframe Credit Farming 2021: How to make quick and easy money

Warframe has been around for a long time, which means there’s a ton of loot in the game. Players need Credits to buy blueprints and equipment, along with crafting components for building new gear. As such, although it’s common, no user can ever really have enough of the in-game currency. Here are the quickest, easiest, and best Warframe Credit farming methods for 2021.

What is the best way to farm Credits in Warframe? (2021)

Warframe Credit Farming 2021

Warframe players in dire need of Credits are generally beginners and/or broke, which can make some riskier ventures suboptimal. Still, there’s a range of great ways to farm Credits in Warframe that both mitigate and embrace taking risks. Which one is preferable depends entirely on player choice.

Quickest and easiest Warframe Credit farming locations

  • Gabii — Ceres, Dark Sector Survival mission
    • Gabii is a basic Survival mission that rewards players with 20,000 Credits.
    • Players must survive for five minutes against level 15 to 25 enemies.
    • There’s a 35% increase to drop rate during the mission, granting users extra loot to sell.
  • Seimeni — Ceres, Dark Sector Defence mission
    • Seimeni is a simple Defence mission with a 20,000 Credits completion reward.
    • There are five waves with basic enemies ranging from level 15 to 25.
    • Players receive a 35% drop rate boost, so can sell the additional loot for more Credits.
  • The Index
    • The Index can be more lucrative, though carries a higher risk.
    • Users must have some Credits to wager, which they can then lose or break even on.
    • Whereas the previous missions are easily beatable solo, players will want a squad to tackle The Index.

The most efficient farming method would be getting Warframe Credits in Gabii and Seimeni, then transitioning to The Index with a group. Make sure that all players have their game faces on, however, as there’s a chance of losing both time and Credits in the event of failure. If that sounds too risky, it might take a little longer, but just stick with grinding the missions on Ceres.

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