Why does GTA 5 keep crashing on Xbox One?

A new GTA 5 update has caused the game to keep crashing on Xbox One, with the latest Title Update affecting both its single-player and multiplayer GTA Online modes. The game-breaking addition to Grand Theft Auto 5 was pushed live by Rockstar yesterday, with the 1.53 update ironically aiming to improve its general network connectivity on PS4 and Xbox One. However, players immediately reported that it had instead caused issues with GTA 5 and GTA Online, as it began suffering from freezing and crashing errors.

Why does GTA keep crashing on Xbox?

GTA 5 players noted that the game is remaining stuck on a permanent ‘Joining GTA Online’ loading screen when trying to access its multiplayer mode, with some stating that they couldn’t even access its single-player campaign.

Rockstar Support has yet to address the issue after posting the patch notes for the Title Update, with PS4 owners and PC players seemingly unaffected by its changes. While players can’t manually administer a fix for the problem, it’s likely that Rockstar is either looking to deploy a solution or roll back the update for the console patch altogether. Either way, Xbox players shouldn’t have to wait long until its servers are back online.

Here are the title update notes for the new update:

[March 16, 2021] – General / Miscellaneous (PS4 / Xbox / PC)

  • General network connectivity improvements

General / Miscellaneous (PC)

  • Improvements to PC loading times *Thanks to t0st for his contributions around this part of today’s title update

In other Xbox news, it was recently revealed that its Game Pass service would add a number of top titles such as Undertale and Octopath Traveler. A number of best-selling Bethesda games were also added to the service, as part of the studio’s recently confirmed acquisition by Microsoft.