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Rocket League: How to Speed Flip

The physics-based action of Rocket League allows players to come up with all sorts of interesting maneuvers. One of the most potent of these skills is the speed flip, which is effectively a high-speed barrel roll. While it may be considered an advanced move, learning how to speed flip in Rocket League shouldn’t take as much practice as you may expect.

How to Speed Flip in Rocket League

How to Speed Flip in Rocket League

To perform a speed flip in Rocket League, begin a front flip with a very slight left or right angle. Once airborne, immediately pull straight downward on the joystick to cancel the flip. When done correctly, the car will roll while maintaining forward momentum. That’s a speed flip.

The speed flip is considered something of an advanced Rocket League maneuver, but that’s not to say it’s complicated. It’s essentially a variant of the basic flip cancel, where you swing the joystick in the opposite direction of your flip in order to stop the rotation while mid-air.

The difference here is twofold. Instead of beginning the flip either straight up or down, you need to begin at a slight angle. This angle ensures the car will roll along its longitudinal axis as opposed to its lateral axis. The other main difference is that you want to cancel the flip immediately; otherwise, the car will continue to flip either nose-up or nose-down.

Again, you need to initiate a flip with the joystick slightly tilted either left or right. Once midair, perform a flip cancel by swinging the joystick in the opposite direction. You’ll know you’ve done it right when the car effectively does a barrel roll — a side-over-side flip where the hood remains pointing roughly straight ahead.

This maneuver is particularly helpful when it comes to zooming out of tight situations. It’s called a speed flip because the extra momentum provided by the thrusters is largely focused in the direction of travel. This allows you to get the leg up during kickoff or surprise opponents who don’t expect a sudden burst of speed.

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