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Stardew Valley: How to get Hardwood

Many late-game items in Stardew Valley require players to get Hardwood. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a reliable way to get the amount needed (though not as hard as finding a Rainbow Shell or a Prismatic Jelly). Fortunately, there are a few locations where Hardwood can be harvested daily, and a way to improve the chance of it dropping.

How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mahogany Tree Hardwood

There are several ways to harvest Hardwood in Stardew Valley. One of the best, and most readily available, is by chopping up Large Stumps. These can be found around the Farm, at random in The Mines, and in the Secret Woods. The best source is in the Secret Woods. Each day, six Large Stumps will respawn, and each can be harvested for two Hardwood apiece. This means players can get a guaranteed 12 pieces of Hardwood per day. The only caveat is that a Copper Axe (or better) is required to chop up a Large Stump.

The best way to farm Hardwood is by planting Mahogany Trees. These can be grown by planting Mahogany Seeds, which farmers can find by chopping up Large Stumps or Large Logs, as a drop from Slimes in the Secret Woods, through a Golden Coconut, or by purchasing them from the Island Trader for the price of one Stingray. Players can then plant these seeds on the farm, and once they’ve grown, farmers can shake them to get another Mahogany Seed.

Farming Hardwood in Stardew Valley can take a while to get rolling because players don’t want to start chopping down the Mahogany Trees immediately. First, they need to be used to generate Mahogany Seeds. Once a sustainable grove has been established, players can selectively chop down these trees to generate Hardwood. Each tree produces 10 Hardwood when it’s chopped down, and the strategic use of fertilizer will help players grow them quickly.

Once players have accrued enough Hardwood, they can stockpile Mahogany Seeds and chop down the grove. That way, if they ever need to farm Hardwood again, they can easily start a new batch of trees.