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It Takes Two: Can you change difficulty and is there an easy mode?

It Takes Two can be difficult, and as a result of this players are wondering if you can change the difficulty levels in the new Hazelight Studios game. For those particularly struggling, an easy mode would be the ideal option. For those who are finding the game too easy, a hard mode may be preferred. So can you turn down and reduce its difficulty, or increase it?

Can you change difficulty in It Takes Two?

it takes two easy mode change difficulty

It Takes Two does not have a changeable difficulty level. This means that you’re locked in with the game’s default setting, and there is no way to increase or lower it.

However, if there is a more inexperienced player in your co-op duo, you can make things easier for them. While Cody and May both control the same and are equally fun to play, May is typically given less strategic abilities as you progress. For instance, in an early chapter, Cody is tasked with flying a plane while May is in charge of its taking down enemies with its gun turret.

While the abilities and equipment May is given as the game progresses aren’t significantly easier, she’s certainly the character of choice for the more inexperienced gamer. Respawns and checkpointing are also incredibly forgiving throughout the game, so even those who are struggling should be able to make progress relatively swiftly.

As Josef Fares outlined in a Q&A he held ahead of our preview of the game, “if your [co-op] partner is not used to controlling a third-person camera with a stick, it’s going to be a tough one.” That’s not to say that it will be impossible for a brand new gamer to pick up a controller and have fun with it, but that it’s not exactly designed for players who aren’t used to 3D platformers.

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