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Monster Hunter Rise Lock-On: How to focus the camera on monsters

Keeping track of enemies in Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch can be difficult at times. That might sound surprising, what with many enemies being the size of buildings, but it’s nonetheless the case. MH Rise features a lock-on mechanic as standard, allowing players to target specific enemies. But, the in-game camera doesn’t automatically track monsters — as seen in, for example, the Souls series. That can be disorienting, though, thankfully, there’s a quick and easy Monster Hunter Rise lock-on issue fix.

How to use the Monster Hunter Rise lock-on focus camera

Monster Hunter Rise lock-on

Frantic co-op battles can make the action in Monster Hunter Rise challenging to follow. There’s a lot going on, like HUD elements to keep track of, teammates to assist, and so on. Throw in the compact Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite screen when playing in handheld mode and many players could use an extra helping hand. Fortunately, MH Rise has a hidden feature for just this situation.

Here’s how to make the Monster Hunter Rise lock-on camera automatically track enemies:

  1. Boot up MH Rise and load into gameplay.
  2. Pause the game and choose “Options” from the list.
  3. Navigate to the “Camera” tab.
  4. Locate the “Camera Style” setting.
  5. Change the setting to the “Focus Camera” option.
  6. Exit the menu and return to gameplay.
  7. Locate a monster and click the right analog stick (R3) to lock-on to it.
  8. The camera will now auto-track the monster around the battlefield.

This is a great quality of life feature that, after its activation, many players will wonder why it wasn’t enabled by default.

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